General Information

Name: Electra

Ticker: ECA

Algorithm: NIST5

5 minute block times. 288 blocks per day.

30,000,000,000 ECA in total.

1,000,000,019 pre-mined ECA (less than 3.34% of the total).

Difficulty re-target: 15 minutes (every 3 blocks)

Block size: 1MB

POW stage

Block 1: The pre-mine (1,000,000,019 coins)

Blocks 2 Р11521: 0.00390625 ECA. Therefor 1.125 coins daily. This stage will take 40 days and create 45 ECA.

Super Rewards Bonanza stage

Blocks 11522 – 11810: 65,972,222 ECA per block. This stage will take 24 hours and create 18,999,999,936 ECA bringing the entire total to 20,000,000,000.

POS stage

At block 11811, Electra will switch to proof-of-stake (POS) with an annual interest rate of 50% until total Electra supply reaches 30,000,000,000 at which point block rewards will be earned from transaction fees only.


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