Electra Roadmap

  • Block Explorer completed
  • Development of pool for PoW
  • Early miners supported with strategic buy offers
  • Listing on at least one exchange
  • Listed on https://coinmarketcap.com

  • Increase the number of nodes on the network
  • Listed on at least three exchanges
  • Development of online communities and social media pages dedicated to Electra
  • Complete the roadmap, new website and new block explorer
  • Reach 2,000 users on Telegram
  • Create educational material for Electra

Impact Marketing

Start marketing activities in order to increase the awareness of Electra

Reached 10,000 users between discord and telegram

Team Account on Github

Create team account for Electra project developers

This tool helps organizing and keeping the team updated

White Paper Release

White paper release and first roadmap upgrade


  • Commence Electra  pay project
  • Release Linux wallet
  • Commence mobile wallet development

Customized Desktop Wallets

  • Implement new GUI interface design with special features will be implemented for desktop wallets
  • White paper update 1.02

Coinomi Wallet Integration


Coinomi integration for Electra mobile environment wallet option

Atomic SWAP

Commence Atomic SWAP development

Boost adoption

Phase 1

  • Listing on new exchanges
  • Target new merchants: Several new merchant contacts will be started in order to expand the usage of Electra during daily operations

Tor Integrated Wallets


Using TOR, I2P networks and Kovri to boost privacy features

Boost adoption

Phase 2

  • Listings on more new exchanges
  • Further additions to merchant base

Release of Mobile wallets

  • Proprietary iOS wallet development
  • Proprietary Android wallet development


  • Payment gateway integration
  • Commence online merchant payment API/Gateway development

Atomic SWAP

Release Atomic SWAP

Masternodes Development

Commence Masternodes development

Web wallet release

Release the web wallet for the Electra community


  • Payment gateway integration phase 2: Continue with the online merchant payment API/Gateway development

Boost adoption

Phase 3

  • Listings on more new exchanges
  • Further additions to merchant base

Deploy Master Nodes on the ECA Network

New roadmap

Next Goals