Electra Roadmap.

Due to the development of ElectraPay in a protected environment, some major tasks will not be listed publicly in this roadmap

Short term goals

This list contains the list of goals we are focused on and would like to release within the next year. All work on this project is voluntary and we rely on developers to come forward and offer their services.

Jan 2020 – Jan 2021

ElectraPay MVP public release


ElectraPay pilot phase


Electra Block explorer GUI customization


Ledger Nano Integration


3rd party wallet integrations


Plugins for ElectraPay Integration (Opencart - Shopify - Magento)


ElectraPay Website redesign & improvements


Electra Official Website redesign & improvements


ElectraPay point of sell software, desktop and mobile


Mid term goals

These are the goals which we will focus on next, into 2020 and 2021. They either rely on a short term goal to be completed, or they are not raised as high priority.

Jan 2020 – Dec 2021

Segwit integration


Atomic Swap Function For ElectraPay


Light Weight SPV Wallet


Electra Core Blockchain major Upgrade (details will come in due time)


Electra Debit Cards


3rd Party Wallet Integrations


Long term goals (up to 1-2 years goals)

As we deploy the short term and mid term goals, these will be prioritised accordingly.

Jan 2022 – Dec 2023

Lightning Network Daemon


Merchants Integration


3rd Party Wallet Integrations


Electra's Achievements in 2020:

Electra's Achievements in 2019 :

  • ETA Membership
  • Ellipal Hardware Wallet Integration
  • Coordinator Ruanne Lloyd has been selected to join the ETA Technology Committee
  • Ben Fairbank joined our foundation as lead business advisor
  • Partnership with RedFOX Labs
  • European Blockchain Foundation Partnership
  • MyCryptoCheckout Integration https://mycryptocheckout.com
  • CryptocurrencyCheckout Integration https://cryptocurrencycheckout.com
  • EUCX Exchange Listing
  • Electra integration at WeShopCrypto https://weshopwithcrypto.com
  • Electra’s own jewelers
  • Fork Phase 2 Completed (Blockchain Improvements)
  • Android Wallet release
  • Atomic Swap Released
  • BarterDex Integration
  • Chaincreator listed Electracoin
  • Attended Berlin Crypto Conference 2019
  • Electra performed at the C3 CRYPTO CONFERENCE 2019
  • Electra is listed on Birake Exchange
  • Electra accepted at http://ink-slinger.ch studio in Switzerland.
  • Vendit Debit Card Partnership
  • Next Exchange Listing
  • Lightning Network Implementation
  • CloverDex Exchange & Debit Card Partnership
  • Magnum Web Wallet Integration
  • CoinExchange Listing
  • Improved QT Wallet GUI
  • Blocknet Exchange Listing
  • Altilly Exchange Listing
  • Friends of Electra Campaign
  • Partnership with CSA Group Malta as our Legal Partners
  • Binance Info’s transparency V Label: https://info.binance.com/en/currencies/electra
  • STEX Exchange Listing
  • Altmarkets Exchange Listing
  • C-PATEX Exchange Listing
  • CREX24 Exchange Listing
  • Electrapay Core MVP1

Electra's Achievements in 2018:

  • Started Impactful Marketing For Increasing Electra Awareness.
  • Reached 10,000 members between Discord and Telegram (February).
  • Github Team Account For Electra.
  • WhitePaper v 1.0 released.
  • Commence ElectraPay Development.
  • Released Linux Wallet.
  • Released Desktop Wallet (Repealed in 2019)
  • Released Telegram & Discord Tip bot.
  • Listed on 7 Mid-Size Exchanges
  • Partnership with Unifox, General Bytes, Investa, Aircoins, Social Send & Mesh sticks.
  • Fork Phase 1 Completed (Staking changes & Blockchain improvements)
  • Electracoin Foundation established in The Netherlands.
  • Fork Phase 2 development completed.
  • Completed Server Side API coding For ElectraPay
  • Website v2 released.
  • Reached 20,000 members between Discord and Telegram
  • Reached 15,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Successful Donation to RailGirls Summer Code Campaign.
  • Donation to Japan Victims.
  • Donation to Houston Area Women’s Centre against Domestic violence
  • Donation to Tourdecrypto
  • Partnered with Agile Legal Consulting as our Legal Partners

Electra's Achievements in 2017:

  • Block explorer completed.
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap.
  • Listed on 3 exchanges.
  • Reached 2000 Members on Telegram.
  • New Website
  • Increased number of nodes on Network.