Electra Roadmap.

New Roadmap via Trello

Electra is now using a new interactive Roadmap based on Trello’s project management technology. With Trello we can create short, medium and long-term goals and organize and prioritize them easily. Rather than using exact timeframes on our Roadmap that constantly shift as priorities and resources change, the community can now see in realtime what the team is working on at the moment and focusing on long-term for greater community transparency.

Electra's Achievements in 2017:

  • Block explorer completed.
  • Listed on CoinMarketCap.
  • Listed on 3 exchanges.
  • Reached 2000 Members on Telegram.
  • New Website
  • Increased number of nodes on Network.

Electra's Achievements in 2018:

  • Started Impactful Marketing For Increasing Electra Awareness.
  • Reached 10,000 members between Discord and Telegram (February).
  • Github Team Account For Electra.
  • WhitePaper v 1.0 released.
  • Commence ElectraPay Development.
  • Released Linux Wallet.
  • Released Desktop Wallet (Repealed in 2019)
  • Released Telegram & Discord Tip bot.
  • Listed on 7 Mid-Size Exchanges
  • Partnership with Unifox, General Bytes, Investa, Aircoins, Social Send & Mesh sticks.
  • Fork Phase 1 Completed (Staking changes & Blockchain improvements)
  • Electracoin Foundation established in The Netherlands.
  • Fork Phase 2 development completed.
  • Completed Server Side API coding For ElectraPay
  • Website v2 released.
  • Reached 20,000 members between Discord and Telegram
  • Reached 15,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Successful Donation to RailGirls Summer Code Campaign.
  • Donation to Japan Victims.
  • Donation to Houston Area Women’s Centre against Domestic violence
  • Donation to Tourdecrypto
  • Partnered with Agile Legal Consulting as our Legal Partners