Road Map

Q4 '17


The new website will be live soon! New developments and languages are implemented as we speak.

icon community

The community is expanding. And so, new members are joining in for the development. At the end of this quarter a dedicated team will be formed and announced.

Q1 '18


The new team will come together to determine the new developments for the Electra project on the long run. A new road map will be released.


The Coinomi wallet for android is being developed. In the first quarter of ’18 the wallet is planned to be available. We’ll keep you posted on the developments,

Q2 '18


A startup in the crypto space is looking in to the possibilities to accept Electra as their main payment currency. As their system is still in development, more information will be released at a later time. (They plan to launch in Q2 of ’18)


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