Frequently Asked Questions

Electracoin (ECA) is a decentralized POW /POS cryptocurrency which facilitates secure, fast, and extraordinarily low-fee peer to peer transactions.

No, there never was an ICO.

Electra can be bought on (ECA/BTC, ECA/LTC, ECA/DOGE), (ECA/BTC & ECA/LTC), (ECA/BTC & ECA/ETH) and on (ECA/ETH). We are in the process of adding Electra to additional exchanges, though non-disclosure agreements prevent us from saying more at this time. Stay tuned!

No. The Electra Proof of Work mining stage already ended, but you can stake your coins (mining through your Electra wallet with Proof of Stake) to generate additional ECA over time.The approximate reward is 2.5% of your staked coins per year.

You can store your Electra coins with an Electra wallet or on exchanges. Our recommendation is to store them in your own encrypted Electra wallet on a secured personal computer. For Electra wallet information, see: Electra wallet.

Absolutely! Electra is built by the community, for the community, and all members work on a volunteer basis. No matter what skill you have (marketing, coding, translations, web, etc.), we welcome and encourage your contributions to the Electra Project.

The Electra mobile wallet is currently being developed and will be released soon. Keep an eye out on our website for the latest news!

Yes, we have a detailed wallet installation guide here: Electra wallet guide

Staking is an art of mining through digital wallets. Through staking, you can earn additional Electra coins if you store them in your Electra wallet and configure the staking option. For detailed information, see our Staking guide

The staking reward is approximately 2.5% annually(50% before our Fork Phase 1). There is no fixed reward per block; rather, rewards are proportional to the block size. Every time a new block is found, your wallet selects an input (a group of coins that have been added to the wallet simultaneously) and calculates the full reward for this block. For detailed information, see our Staking guide

Electra is a truly decentralized coin at its core. Anyone who contributes to Electra Project is an owner / team member. We welcome everyone to Electra community, and our vision for this currency extends far beyond trading it exclusively on exchanges. We are working towards the widespread adoption of Electra as an online payment method, and are in the process of creating simple web/ API integrations to facilitate this. A digital currency, backed by its community, will always have a better future.

Also, an official Foundation is established in Netherlands during October 2018 which will ensure the sustainability of our project by supporting during it’s future lifecycle.