Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Electracoin?

Electracoin (ECA) is a POW/POS cryptocurrency which is decentrilized and provides a secure & fast peer to peer transaction.

2. Is Electracoin an ICO ?

No. Electracoin (ECA) is NOT an ICO.

3. How can I buy Electracoin?

On the exchanges page you can see up-to-date exchange information about where Electra (ECA) can be bought

4. Can I mine Electracoin?

Electra (ECA) POW mining stage already ended.
But there’s a possibility of staking (mining through wallet) – so called POS staking.
Once you buy and transfer your Electracoins to your Electra wallet, by configurating the staking option, you can stake Electracoins.

5. Where can I store and keep Electracoins?

There are several options to keep your Elctra (ECA) coins. Either through exchanges or through the Electra wallets.
For Electra wallet informationm, see: Electra wallet.

6. Is there a mobile wallet ?

Electra (ECA) mobile wallet is under development and will be released soon. Keep on eye on our website for the latest developments.

7. Do you have wallet installation guide?

Yes we have a detailed wallet installation guide.
Please see: Electra wallet guide page for further information. If you still need additional info, don’ hesitate contact community.

8. What is staking?

Staking is an art of mining through wallet.
In other words, you can earn additional Electracoins.
You only have to store your Electracoins in your Electra wallet and configure the staking option.

9. How is staking calculated?

Default is 50%/annual.
Wallets receive coins usually daily basis.
Sometimes, there may happen delays. These delays are coming from other (big) nodes entering the Electra network.

10. Installed wallet but no staking. What is mature coin ?

Mature coins are coins which get weight on the network.


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