Exchange listing donations.

Why Your Donation is Needed?

The Electra Project is very fortunate to have one of the most active community groups in the crypto space. We have shown time and again that our community pulls together in times of need. While some act as silent investors, others will occasionally donate funds to go towards various costs. While both are much appreciated, as they help sustain our long term goal, we sometimes fall short in having a sufficient amount of capital to cover such cost as exchange listing fees. As previously announced on our social media platforms, we are currently working towards being listed on a well-known exchange that could have a substantial impact on ECA’s future. However, we need our community to show how much you believe in Electra and its future. In order to help achieve the next step in being listed on a popular exchange, we have set a donation campaign goal of 1 BTC which is remaining.

It is our hope that once again, our community will pull together and achieve this goal in a relatively short amount of time, and we ask that you please consider donating to this cause. In order to be as transparent as possible, while still supporting nondisclosure agreement policies, all donations will go into a publicly trackable foundation wallet.

Current exchange donation's goal is reached : 1BTC
Raised: 1BTC

120 unique donations. Currencies received: ECA BTC LTC ETH USDT EUR USD CAD SGD CHF


As a foundation, we can collect donations from our community. Due to the Dutch Tax system, the foundation can receive these donations and pay 0% tax over it. So when you donate, 100% of your donation goes directly towards the good cause.

Fund Raising:

Our community members are always spreading the word about our amazing project. And yes, sometimes they also do fundraising to achieve their goals. We are happy to support these members to list their project.

Recent Successfully Completed Campaign:
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