The Electra Blockchain

Using the Electra blockchain we have designed the currency ElectraCoin (ECA) that can be traded from one entity to another with invaluable features.

Ticker: ECA
Algorithm: NIST5
2.5 minute block times. 576 blocks per day
1,000,000,019 ECA pre-mined (less than 3.34% of the total).
Difficulty re-target: 7.5 minutes (every 3 blocks)
Block size: 1MB
Min Fee: 0.00001 ECA



Fast Transactions – In this day and age, time has become invaluable to us. Due to the outdated design of existing financial transaction protocols, organizations and individuals lose time when paying or transferring funds. Electra is extremely fast and can take seconds to complete a payment or transfer funds, end-to-end.



Security continues to become an ever more critical factor for customers and businesses. By using the Electra NIST5 blockchain we’re ensuring funds are protected from malicious attacks without compromising on transaction speed.



Electra is a Proof-Of-Work (PoW) & Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) digital currency. Through PoS, you can earn and increase your investments by 2.5% (halvening each year) annually. Our staking rewards provide additional opportunities for earning income while the value of Electra is protected by reduced annual staking rate. This limitation ensures Electra’s future value will steadily increase through adoption, by eliminating inflation.



Electra is the leading blockchain using the NIST5 Algorithm. The NIST5 hashing algorithm was designed to provide a better combination of power efficiency and security, improving on many of the existing algorithms which tend to require exuberant amounts of energy to maintain. NIST5 was one of the 5 final round candidates for the National Institute of Science and Technology’s SHA-3 hash competition, for it’s level of security and performance. Click here for further info relating to NIST5 [1]