Fast. Scalable. Low Fees.

Blazing Fast

Electra has blazing fast transactions on the blockchain

Community Driven

Here at Electra we love our community. No CEO’s, No ICO. Electra is driven by you!

POS ( Proof of Stake )

Electra works on proof-of-stake with an annual return of 2.5% (halvening each year until 0.02%)

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Ongoing Development

Our Amazing team is always working hard on new projects. Check them out or have a look at our full road-map.

The Electra Wallet for Tomorrow

Listing On Next.exchange

Open Source with GitHub Business

Android Wallet Development

Atomic Cross-Chain Integration

The Electra Team

The Electra team consists of people from all around the globe. All with different professional backgrounds and nationalities. The team is made up of a fast-growing list of trusted community members pouring in time and effort to further the Electra mission.

Our Community

We are all about community. Electra doesn’t have a CEO and isn’t run by a centralized authority. Decisions are made by the community collectively and always in the interests of the community.