We are Electra

A peer-to-peer payments coin.
Fast. Secure. Low Fees.

Electra is a Payment Coin
You Can Spend

Use Electra Coin (ECA) to make instant secure Peer-to-peer payments anywhere in the world. Electra is an open source project built on performance, security and cost-effective fees.

Learn more about Electra or use our official wallets to keep your Electra safe.

Electra Features:


Decentralized with every aspect being transparent. Even the code is open-source.


Instant Transactions with a confirmation block time of 64 seconds.


NIST5/SHA256 blockchain we’re ensuring funds are protected from malicious attacks.


A network is nothing without their community. Join a growing community of users.

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Electra Exchanges

You may purchase Electra (ECA) from these available markets:

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