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A Peer-to-Peer Payments coin.
Fast. Secure. Low Fees.

Blazing Fast

Electra has blazing fast transactions at 64 seconds on the blockchain. The same quality of the latest Bitcoin speeds.

Powered by Community

Here at Electra we love our community. We collaborate without a CEO and no ICO. Electra is driven by you!

Institutional PoS

Electra works on an institutional proof-of-stake block mining reward rate with an annual 2.5% after our recent fork.

Security for Customers & Businesses

Built upon the NIST5 algorithm Electra ensures funds are protected from malicious attacks without compromising on transaction speed.

Efficiency on the chain

Electra is the leading blockchain using the NIST5 Algorithm which was designed to provide a better combination of power efficiency and security without wasting  exuberant amounts of energy to maintain.

Friendly & Supportive of Women in tech

Electra has a welcoming community that gives back and a history of charitable causes including support for women in technology especially a sponsor of Rails Girls.

Electra’s mission

Electra Coin is being crafted with invaluable features that merchants and customers will widely adopt across our global peer-to-peer network. Electra Project hopes to transform how we view payments through cryptocurrency blockchain packaged with our unique heart and integrity of our community.
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Electra Coin is built on the leading blockchain using the NIST5 Algorithm. The design affords the currency to be traded as an emerging peer-to-peer coin. The Electra Wallets are built for the future with Atomic Cross-Chain Integration and many partnerships to be announced.

Electra Coin Adoption

Merchant adoption

The industry of digital and mobile payments is changing rapidly to adopt new solutions. More consumers are requesting faster and easy-to-use digital payments with an emergence for cryptocurrencies to rear their head from 10 years in the making.

ElectraPay is born

The flow on effect is that merchants will need to satisfy their consumers. It is also fast becoming the time to review high merchant fees. That is why Electra Coin is built on security, speed and low fees. The ElectraPay payments system is beneficial to both parties involved.

Benefits for Customers

  • Become part of the community to increase the coin value
  • Customers may stake rewards on the ECA network
  • Power efficient chain network
  • Shop at ElectraPay Merchants in-store and online
  • Secure payments built upon the NIST5 algorithm
  • Low transaction fees
  • Speed – Blazing Fast – 64 second block speed
  • Global Cryptocurrency ATMs partnerships, use your ECA Debit card
  • ECA is a Global currency so no more foreign currency charges
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Benefits for Merchants

  • Install ElectraPay Merchant Plugin on your online store
  • Secure payments built upon the NIST5 algorithm
  • Speed – Blazing Fast – 64 second block speed
  • Low transaction fees
  • Customers may stake rewards on the ECA network
  • ECA is a Global currency so no more foreign currency charges
  • Power efficient chain
  • Global Cryptocurrency ATMs partnerships, have one in-store
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  • Global ATMs partnerships
  • Payments through Debit Cards where VISA or MasterCard are accepted
  • Online Merchant ElectraPay plugins
  • Instant payments
  • Blazing Fast – 64-second block speed
  • Proof-of-Stake (PoS) block awards with 2.5%
  • Secure payments built upon the NIST5 algorithm
  • Power efficient chain

The Electra Team

Our team consists of people from different professional backgrounds, nationalities and all around the globe. The team is made up of a fast growing list of trusted community members pouring in time and effort to further the Electra mission.

Electra doesn’t have a CEO and isn’t run by a centralized authority. Decisions are made by the core team which is consist of several highly experienced people across several regions of the world. Core team and foundation also listen and consider interests of the Electra community time to time for best possible steps.

In the new roadmap soon to be released Electra Project will be partnering within niche markets. Keep an eye out on upcoming partnerships and merchant announcements.

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ElectraPay – A community-driven payment solution

ElectraPay is a free and easy-to-use payment solution that utilises a peer-to-peer money exchange on the Electra blockchain network of computers that combine together to send and receive Electra Coins (ECA).

  • Minimal Fees – 0.00001 ECA Per Transaction
  • Fast Verification – Completely Spendable Within ±64 seconds
  • Instant Transactions – Within Milliseconds, Globally
  • Off-Chain Development work planned – for connection and lag issues
  • Fees are only paid by the sender, the receiver owes nothing
  • Join your wallet to our network and start staking today
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How ElectraPay works

For an ElectraPay transaction to work both the merchant and the customer should be connected online with their mobile or tablet devices. However, we are working on off-chain developments for connection issues as well. For a transaction to take place the merchant and consumer must complete these following steps:

  • Merchant enters the amount
  • Merchant taps on ‘Request Payment’
  • Customer taps the merchant device with their phone
  • Customer receives a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ payment confirmation notification
  • Customer taps on ‘YES’
  • Transaction receipt will be issued to both parties
  • Transaction will be logged and stored in the blockchain for transparency
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Proof of Staking – Transactional Rewards

Staking Rewards: ECA features a 2.5% annual stake reward rate (halving each year until 0.02%). There is no fixed reward per block. Each stake reward is proportional to the amount staked relative to the total ECA in circulation.

Additional information regarding the Proof of Stake reward structure for ECA can be found below.

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Future of privacy
  • Optional Privacy Future developments within the Electra ecosystem will allow for the use of privacy gateways, including but not limited to the following:
  • TOR IP2 network
  • Kovri 11
  • Users will be able to select the privacy functions best suited to their individual needs.
Scalable future
  • The Electra community is continually working to identify the most scalable and efficient gateway configurations to ensure privacy of transactions.


/ 2018
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Fork #2

Atomic Swaps, Increased Transaction speed & Security.

Fork #2 Code Development - Complete


Fork #2 Code Testing - InProgress


New ElectraProject.Org website

New mobile-responsive website.

Website Phase 1 - MVP - Released in Mid-late December


Community size increased by 200%


ElectraPay & Web wallet release

Electra Pay payments integration.

ElectraPay web development


Release the web wallet for the Electra community


WooCommerce ECA Payment gateway - Development


WooCommerce ECA Payment gateway - Testing

Powering payments

Electra Coin Roadmap

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