First-rate Algorithm

Electra uses NIST5 as its hashing algorithm which is a combination of the finalists and winner of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology hash function competition. NIST5 has been shown to be more power efficient and secure than other prominent algorithms.

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The Electra Project is a project run by an active and passionate community. As a community, we are trying to expand the Electra project constantly. Have a look at our road map to see where Electra is going and to see what the community is developing. The road map will be adjusted accordingly from time-to-time.

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Nova Exchange

Electra is traded on several exchanges. The main exchange where Electra is traded at the moment is Nova exchange. Some other Crypto’s Electra is traded against; ETH, DOGE, BTC, LTC, Mooncoin, Espers and Kibicoin. Want to get some Electra?


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