Electra Foundation.

The Electra Foundation serves to further the development and growth of Electra by being a representative body in areas of the Development, Community, Partnerships, Exchanges listings, and more!

About The Foundation

The Electra Foundation’s mission is to serve the community in three areas: Development, Community, Mass Adoption. With the creation of the Foundation, Electra now has a legal body to pursue larger partnerships, bigger exchange listings, engage with other projects, hire developers, marketers, designers, and much more. Established in the Netherlands, the Foundation is a legal body backed by Dutch Law which tends to be one of the more crypto-friendly countries.

The foundation is also a fully transparent entity and all transactions are recorded and available for public use. This means the donation funds, purchases, transactions, and the like, is all public knowledge and recorded according to Dutch Law. Currently, the foundation is managed by 3 long-time Electra community team members who have backgrounds well suited for the task of creating and establishing a first of its kind foundation for Electra.

Quick Facts About the Foundation:

  • Established on October 9th, 2018
  • ECA Foundation Address: EYPFYiy3gkS7ENJ8zFfctMXrFdiBggh2Fc
  • Official name: Stichting Electra Project
  • Trade name: Electra Foundation
  • Dutch Chamber of commerce number: 728 22120
  • Address: Zilverenberg 36, 5234 GM ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Core Areas of Focus


The Foundation is brought to life to make sure the Electra project, and so the Electra blockchain, will be further developed in the future.  Besides the blockchain, the development of Electra pay and any other future products will be funded by the foundation.


With the foundation in place, the Electra project is now, more than ever, controlled by its community. The board fully consists of community members and a separate board of community representatives will be installed. On all big decisions a community vote will be held, so the full community will have their saying. No CEO, the community decides.

Mass Adoption

The Electra project can’t bring crypto to the masses by itself. Together with our amazing partners, we will fight the battle for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general. Also, the foundation will continue to build bridges with other projects and companies to achieve its goal.


As a foundation, we can collect donations from our community. Due to the Dutch Tax system, the foundation can receive these donations and pay 0% tax over it. So when you donate, 100% of your donation goes directly towards the good cause.

Fund Raising:

Our community members are always spreading the word about our amazing project. And yes, sometimes they also do fundraising to achieve their goals. We are happy to support these members to list their project.

Recent Successfully Completed Campaign: