We are Electra

A peer-to-peer payments coin.
Fast. Secure. Low Fees.

Electra is a Payment Coin
You Can Spend

Electra (ECA) is an open-source digital currency that can be used to make instant peer-to-peer payments anywhere in the world, with a focus on performance, security, and cost-effective fees.

To date, our blockchain has undergone one major improvement, which included integrating the lightning network, atomic swaps, PoS 3.0e, increased speed to 800 TPS, faster confirmation time (currently at 64 seconds) and in the short to mid-term future there are plans to integrate SegWit, as well as smart contract functionalities.

Learn more about Electra and be sure to download one of the official wallets to keep your Electra safe.

Electra Features:


Electra is completely decentralized, with every aspect being transparent. Even the code is open-source.


Instant Transactions with a confirmation block time of 64 seconds.


Our NIST5/SHA256 blockchain ensures funds are protected from malicious attacks.


Successful projects are nothing without their community. Join our ever growing community of users and help grow Electra as it moves forward.

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